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Here at Brickway, we are bricklaying specialists with many years of combined experience in the following types of brick bonding

Stretcher Bond

The most commonly used bond in the UK, a pattern is made only using stretchers, with the joins on each course centred above and below by half a brick.

English Bond

This is a pattern formed by laying alternate courses of stretchers and headers. The joins between the stretchers are centred on the headers in the course below. This is one of the strongest bonds but requires more facing bricks than other bonds.

English Garden Wall

This is similar to the English bond but with one course of headers for every three courses of stretcher. The headers are centred on the headers in course below. This gives quick lateral spread of load and uses fewer facings than an English bond.

Flemish Bond

This is formed by laying headers and stretchers alternately in each course. The headers of each course are centred on the stretchers of the course below. This bond is strong and often used for walls which are two-bricks thick.

Flemish Garden Wall

This variant of Flemish bond uses one header to three stretchers in each course. The header is centred over the stretcher in the middle of a group of three in the course below.

Monk Bond

This variant of Flemish bond involves two stretchers between the headers in each course. The headers are centred over the join between the two stretchers in the course below.