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Flemish Garden Wall

Flemish Garden Walls with Brickway

The Flemish Garden Wall is a bricklaying method that originated in Sussex, England, and is commonly used in traditional English construction. It is characterised by alternating courses of stretchers (bricks laid lengthwise) and headers (bricks laid widthwise) in a consistent pattern.

In the Flemish Garden Wall, each course consists of a single header followed by a row of stretchers. The headers are placed at regular intervals, typically every sixth or seventh course, to create vertical columns of bricks running through the wall. This arrangement provides structural stability and strength to the wall.

The alternating pattern of stretchers and headers creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance with distinctive vertical lines of headers. The headers also help distribute the load evenly, making the wall sturdy and resistant to damage.

What is the Flemish Garden Wall Brickwork great for?

The Flemish Garden Wall is primarily used in traditional English brickwork for various architectural and construction purposes. The Flemish Garden Wall is often used in the construction of garden walls (surprisingly!), providing an attractive and robust boundary for gardens and outdoor spaces. The alternating pattern of stretchers and headers adds visual interest to the wall. Similar to garden walls, it is suitable for constructing boundary walls between properties. It offers a combination of strength and aesthetics, defining property lines while enhancing the overall appearance of the area. Further uses of the Flemish Garden Wall include within school playgrounds, external walls in commercial buildings, as well as housing and apartment developments. 

Key advantages of using the Flemish Garden Wall

Aesthetically Pleasing

The Flemish Garden Walls creates a visually appealing pattern with distinctive vertical lines formed by the headers. It adds character and charm to the brickwork, making it a popular choice for historic buildings.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Due to its strong interlocking pattern and even load distribution, walls constructed using they are known for their durability. This means they can withstand the test of time, requiring less maintenance.

Craftsmanship Showcase

Flemish Garden Walls requires skill and craftsmanship to execute properly. It provides an opportunity for bricklayers to showcase their expertise, resulting in high-quality and aesthetically pleasing brickwork.